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Classes/Workshops - available as private or group sessions

Celestial Heart Connections
This class opens our hearts and energetic bodies to connecting with the higher realms. In these realms we can connect with our higher selves, our souls, angels, guides, and even those who have passed over.
Learn more about Celestial Heart Connections: click here for an audio introduction to the class

The Celestial Heart Attunement was lovely! I felt the energy go through my High Heart and crown chakra, connecting with the Heavens, while still gently grounded to the Earth. I feel balanced, centered and connected! It was truly an angelic experience! Thank you!" - Terri R.

Chakra Cleansing Class
What are chakras? And how can I use them? This experiential workshop briefly answers those questions and helps us become aware of our chakras by introducing tools on how to enhance and expand them through focus and intent. By becoming familiar with our own chakra system we become more consistently open to the callings of our heart. We acquire greater balance in connection with ourselves and others. Align our chakras and we align our lives. Join us for an energizing chakra experience!

Purpose of Intention Workshop
Intention is a part of our days both consciously and unconsciously. This workshop is designed to guide our thoughts and understand important emotions that affect whether we have perceived "good," "bad," or "mediocre" days and experiences. Learn the higher purpose of intention, experiment with its power and leave inspired to create more of what you desire through intention.

What's Your Animal Totem?
We have many beings working with us on our life path including animal totems. Your animal totem may be an animal you have always felt drawn to or even one you've feared. Animal totems work with us just as our angels do, providing messages throughout our days, and even visiting us through nature. Learning to connect with, identify, and call upon our animal totems can be helpful in each of our journeys

Reiki I
The Reiki I class is an introduction to Reiki energy awareness. Many of us are already tuned in and not quite sure what that means. Reiki I provides basic structure to understanding and using Reiki. Practical everyday uses of Reiki are taught and can be used upon class completion.

Reiki II
The Reiki II class empowers the Reiki basics learned in Reiki I. The Reiki II class teaches ways to empower the energy and increases the awareness of subtle energies. Reiki II reaches a deeper level of understanding and connection to the Reiki energy and provides inspiration and ideas on personalizing ways to use the energy for self and others.

Reiki III
The Reiki III class builds further upon the Reiki II class. There is a prerequisite of at least three Reiki sessions with Pamela prior to taking this class. Reiki III provides additional Reiki energy awareness tools, along with the ability to teach Reiki to others. Reiki III experience opens many doors energetically for continued growth and enhanced ability to assist self and others in their paths as well.

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Ongoing Events
Day, evening, weekend appointments available at the Collegeville office. Please call or email to check availability.

Bioclinica Wellness Fair
Wednesday, Sept 27th
Audubon, PA

Autumn Goddess Retreat Festival
Freedom Foundation
Saturday, Sept 30th 10am-6pm
160 Valley Forge Rd
Valley Forge, PA 19482

Integrated Energy Therapy
Basic Level
Saturday, October 21, 9am-5pm
Collegeville, PA

What's your Animal Totem?
Sunday, November 12, 12pm-2p
Collegeville, PA

Healing Angels of the Energy Field Saturday, January 27, 9am-5pm $105
Collegeville, PA

More events coming soon!


In person, phone, and Skype sessions are available.
Pam to schedule a time.

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